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Hutchinson Studios develops, designs and produces exceptional experiences in collaboration with museum, science center, arts organization and business clients by integrating diverse exhibit, program, technology and performing arts elements. The unique objectives, audience characteristics and venue parameters of each project are explored and synthesized into a dynamic, stimulating, and thought provoking environment.

Hutchinson Studios has completed projects of widely ranging exhibit types. The result in each case is an environment created to support the project goals. Highly interactive science museum exhibits require expression of educational concepts in exhibits that are both safe and maintainable. Collection rich exhibitions must display the objects to full advantage while maintaining lighting levels and environmental conditions that insure the safety of the artifacts. Thoughtful integration of the variables including performing arts, audio visual and technology elements with operational needs is one key to a successful project.

Larry Hutchinson launched Hutchinson Studios in 2003 to build on his 20+ years of on-staff museum experience to provide exhibit planning, development, design and project management services. Experience in the "client" role uniquely qualifies him to develop a project that complements and effectively utilizes an institution's own capabilities. Hutchinson Studios will define a scope of work appropriate to your project. A project team, including professionals engaged by Hutchinson Studios and often including members of the client's staff, will be carefully selected to address the unique nuances of each undertaking.